About Us

Dear Parents and/or Guardians:

I know that selecting The Little People Child Development Center, Inc., (“hereinafter called TLPCDC”) is a very important step in your child’s life. I know the anxiety that we as parents feel when deciding on a facility to care for our children. With that in mind, my staff and I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you and your family.
Our programs are designed to educate, stimulate and foster a love of learning in a nurturing and secure environment that will have a life-long benefit to every child and his or her family. Our staff is well trained and recognizes the concerns that many working parents have when placing their child in a center based program. We are committed to identifying your child’s individual needs and aiding in his or her social, emotional, physical and academic development or growth.

Our facility offers the latest amenities and the highest quality security equipment to protect your child. Parents and select family members are able to share in their child’s daily experience at TLPCDC. Classrooms are monitored daily by the Early Childhood Center Administrator) and the Curriculum Coordinator.

Our employees meet all the requirements under the most recent Child Care Licensing rules and regulations. Each staff member undergoes an extensive background evaluation, physical examination and drug screening prior to being hired. Our staff has many years of experience working in various child care environments. However, we provide our staff with tuition reimbursement in support of their continued education, as well as annual paid in-service training and a mentoring program.

Our staff understands the importance of having a strong working relationship with each family. We will develop a personalize plan tailored for you and your child. Our goal in doing so is to ensure continuous lines of communication between our parents and teachers, regarding your child’s daily activities that occur at home, school and our center. I would like to personally thank you for entrusting TLPCDC to care for your child. I give you my pledge that your child will receive the highest level of care at our facility each day.

Janice J. Palmer
Center Administration